Bradley Boyer #1

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Drivers Hometown: Angola In

Car Owner: Shannon Chiddister

Crew Members: Shannon Chiddister, & Brandy Chiddister,& Koltyn Chiddister, & Nyal Chiddister, & Rhonda Chiddister, & Stephanie Spalding, & Michael Spalding, & Steve Boyer, & Sam Longanbach, & Easton Longanbach, & Chas Chiddister

Engine: Rj Saylor Racing Engines

Chassis: Scott Burris

Years In Racing: Almost 2 / first rumble

Sponsors: Countryside Repair in Angola In, & Trailers Tires and Wheels (trailertires&, & Burris Chassis

Uncle: Shannon Chiddister
Aunt: Brandy Chiddister
Mom: Stephanie Spalding
Step dad: Michael Spalding
Dad: Steve Boyer
Step Mom: Sue Burch
Grandpa: Nyal Chiddister
Grandma: Rhonda Chiddister
Aunt: Chas Chiddister
Grandpa: Paul Dove
Grandma: Lori Dove

Racing Accomplishments: Track Championship in first full season of racing at Baerfield Speedway

Facebook Page URL: BooWho Motorsports

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