#10 Mike Wallace

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Drivers Hometown: Joliet
Car Owner: Mike Wallace
Crew Members: Brian Hughes, Scot Corry, Matt Stephenson, Scott Baran, Russ Vanderhoff
Engine: 2.4 Chevy Echotec
Chassis: Lighten Chassis
Years In Racing: 13
Sponsors: MWR Technolgy, Lighten Chassis, RQ! Barbecue, On The Rock, Ken-Rich Pavement Racing, Air EFX, SCR Technology, Terry Byke Haus, B and B Auto Sales

Racing Accomplishments:

Mike began racing at the age of 13 with help from a friend and neighbor to get into go-kart racing. Mike quickly began winning races and moving up the ranks. He gained experience by starting out on tight sprint tracks before moving onto large road courses like Road America and Mid Ohio where Indy cars run. At the age of 16 Mike took the racing to a professional level and started building Go-karts for a shop in Chicago.
At the age of 18 Mike was at a point to move up to formula cars or to peruse the open wheel excitement on the oval tracks. He decided to get into midget racing after several test sessions at the Indianapolis Speedrome which he grew up watching on Thursday Night Thunder. Not long after that Mike purchased his first midget and continued to race all over Indiana in a car he was renting. It was going to take him some time to get it together so he took time to learn from a veteran driver by wrenching and pitting for him while he put his car together.
Late in 2000 Mike got the car together and ran a few late season shows to get the car ready for the 2001 season. In 2001 Mike came out fast with many top 5 qualifying times and heat race wins, he was in a position to finish top 10 in points. This success in his first season also clinched him 2001 UMARA Rookie of the year. Just before the start of the 2002 season the shop that he worked on his car at caught fire and burned down.
This would side line him for the 2002 season, but did not extinguish his desire to get it back on the track. Mike worked all the 2002 season to get the car back together and made it better than it was before. In 2003 and 2004 He ran shows between UMARA and USAC getting experience on the larger ½ and 1 mile tracks that would get him more comfortable at speeds above 150 mph. In 2004 Mike was seriously injured in an ironworking accident which was his daily job.
He spent the next year in rehab learning how to walk after being paralyzed from the waist down and having reconstructive knee surgery. He knew this would only be a minor setback and that as long as he was still breathing the passion to race was alive and well. He was still around the race tracks and got more involved with the engineering side of racing. He started working for many of the top level USAC teams. He began doing setup and design work for teams looking for the best of the best in performance.
In 2007 he started MWR Technology a company that specialized in start of the art parts and fabrication. Many of the top level teams were interested in what he was producing and the designs he had. In 2009 Mike started producing his own line of midgets called Lightning chassis. It wasn’t long before they started going fast.
In 2010 Mike made his return to the driver’s seat in his own cars. With Cars that he built and Patrick Wilda driving one of them Lighting Chassis made a name for itself with many heat wins and a second place in points. For 2011 Mike is returning to the MWR Technology Lightning Chassis #10 with high explications.

Website: mwrtechnology.com
Twitter Page URL: https://twitter.com/MWRTechnology
Facebook Page URL: https://www.facebook.com/mwrtech



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